1/2/2019  Within 60 days of signing new customer, ATA identifies approximately $180,000 in refunds including electricity and water errors.

3/15/2019 Healthcare client benefits from the discovery of meter errors, bill calculation oversights and new rate opportunities.  

4/24/2019 Higher Education client to enjoy 32% lower natural costs by implementing strategic price hedge recommendations. 

7/15/2019  Hospitality client expands contract with 3 new locations. 

10/17/2019 New campus customer retains ATA Bill Scan Outsourced Services (strategic price positioning and billed charge validation)

2/20/2020 Government customer eliminates budget issues with ATA services and benefits from large cash infusion. 

Utility Consulting and

Managed Service Solutions

Alexander Tomas and Associates, Inc. (ATA Inc) is a boutique firm specializing in utility bill charge validation, metering discrepancies, pricing optimizations and consumption oversight.  Since 1990, we have consulted with big box retailers, grocery chains, healthcare systems, governments and campus operations. We know what it takes to manage large amounts of data, while getting RESULTS!    


Services and Solutions include the following: ​

  • Consulting and Managed Services 

    • Billed Charge Validation (Refund Recovery)

    • Strategic Price Positioning (Regulated and Deregulated Services)

    • Managed Consumption (Billing and in Real-Time) 

  • Solutions - Meter Data Intelligence and Field Data Tracker

  • DIY - Host, Access and Analyze billing and real-time data 

  • Business Opportunities - Authorized Sales Distributor


How Customers Benefit

No Budget Necessary

Bill audit and pricing optimization are offered under a shared-savings agreement, so there are no up-front costs incurred

Increase Cash-Flow

Over 90% of our customers receive savings in the form of billing credits, check refunds and reduced pricing   

Preserve Equipment

Managing consumption through awareness and best practices.  Increases equipment life and reduces utility costs.

ATA Inc. Advantage!

We are an experienced staff that is armed with proprietary technology, which consistently delivers the big bucks! 

ATA Inc. goes well beyond a cursory review.  Our long history of achieving savings includes the following:

  • 28 years of experience in energy and utilities management

  • Proprietary technology that features 7 levels of filters for identifying savings opportunities

  • Experience in negotiating complex regulatory and tariff cases

  • Proven success with campus and multi-site customers

  • Technical expertise in trouble-shooting metering issues

  • Countless cases involving special contracts and rate qualification  

  • Reporting intelligence that identifies excessive use at customer sites

Sample Savings RESULTS!

Hire the experts in their discipline and geographic area of expertise, while your staff focuses on its core functions.  History shows that you will achieve DEEPER SAVINGS IN LESS TIME!  Time is money or an additional cost when it comes to statutory limitations on refunds or rates that go unoptimized from month to month.  

$1.25 MM in Annual Savings for Grocery Chain

$923,000 in Overall Savings for Big Box Retailer

$760,000 in Overall Savings for Retailer

$725,000 Meter Refund for Manufacturer

$650,000 in Overall Savings for Higher Education

Note:  Represented savings are not guaranteed but instead are intended as a guideline 




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