Intelligent Management Controls
Mission:   UtilityTRX delivers cutting-edge building cost controls and accountability to accounting and finance.  
Problem:   It is estimated that over 60% of all buildings are operating inefficiently and experiencing needless equipment depreciation or failures, despite employing building automation controls.  Utility and real-time building data ("internet of things") can be quite daunting.  Building management expenses are often managed on a reactive versus proactive basis.  General challenges include the following
  • Numerous building automations platforms create administrative challenges for building management;
  • Building automation software's real-time data reporting can be cumbersome, time-consuming and unrealistic as an effective tool in managing large enterprises or portfolio of buildings;  
  • Very little transparency for accounting to spot cash flow savings opportunities at a higher level, while creating accountability at the field level;
  • Little to no true accountability measures and/or reward systems for building management personnel;
  • Not all buildings employ building automations platforms.
Solution:   UtilityTRX software solutions currently provide the following:
  • Intelligent Billing Scan - Proprietary algorithms identify and quantify unnecessary energy and other hidden costs associated with excess use by leveraging insight from utility billing and building profile data;
  • Intelligent Building Scan - Leverages building automations real-time data to spot equipment issues, software commissioning optimization opportunities and points of inefficiency;
  • The Project Tracker - Provides a method of tracking results after changes;
Discovery Pricing - $7500 One-Time 

Intelligent Billing Scan

  • Up to 10 locations

  • Electricity, Gas, Water/Sewer and Irrigation

  • 36 Months Data Trended

  • Insight on Performance for Those Locations or Possible Issues

Discovery Pricing - $4950 One-Time 

Intelligent Building Scan

  • Pick 1 Location Not to Exceed 100k Sq Ft

  • Scan Equipment Data for Underperformance or Possible Failures

  • Scan Zone Data for Inefficiencies and Possible Equipment Issues

  • Identify Points of Irregularity or Optimization

Note: Pricing Proposals for Ongoing Software Subscription is also Available


Include the following: 

  • 4 to 1 or greater ROI

  • Avoid Equipment Failure or Costly Maintenance

  • Simplicity of the Platform Enables Lower Cost Employees to Identify, Troubleshoot and Coordinate Issue Resolution

  • Cutting-Edge Cost Controls for Accounting and Finance

  • Complete Transparency Into Building Asset Operations

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