How can things go wrong on utility bills and with building equipment assets?  A few examples are listed below, along with the solutions.


  • Over $60k returned to an Alabama customer after electricity billing demand error is brought forth to the utility;

  • Longtime YMCA customer benefits from $1282 water refund and will soon be challenging their water rates for more potential savings;

  • Vocational technical school lowers their waste costs by over 50%;

  • Country Club with ATA's Get Real! monitoring is alerted of a lose fan belt before it can cause heat damage to their $20k unit;

  • Hospital water bill found to be in error and 10 year refund is now being sought by ATA on their behalf; 

  • Despite having building energy controls managed by their local HVAC vendor, a healthcare system identifies over $1MM in excess energy use-related spend, using ATA's proprietary reporting and analytics.

Strategic Price Positioning
  • Document Site Operational Profiles

  • Perform Tariff, Service Provider and Contract Research in Customer Utility Markets

  • Evaluate Alternatives to Rates and Services

  • Qualify Customer's Potential for Regulatory Breaks or Special Contracts

  • Design and Negotiate "Customer Sponsored Rates"

  • Evaluate Real-Time (RTP) and Variable Pricing Trends or Potential Reductions

  • Negotiate Pricing with Service Providers (including Deregulated Services)

  • Monitor Price Savings/Compliance After Implementation

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 9.10.49 AM.png
  • Schedule Live Data Feeds to UtilityTRX for Hosting, Trending and Reporting

  • Sources Include Meters and HVAC Controls Sensor/Ops Data

  • Mitigate Potential Losses in Real-Time

    • Equipment Data Trending and Alarms​

    • Daily Email Reports

  • Cost Accounting at Unit and Meter in Real-Time

    • $/Unit Monthly Averaging Against Live Data

  • Reduce Labor Costs Spent on Oversight and Alarms Setup

  • Increase Lean Staff's Potential to Effectively Oversee Large Enterprises

  • Eliminate Annoying Alarms from Energy Controls Platforms

  • Leverage Advanced Distribution Analytics for Custom Problem-Solving                                      

Billed Charge Validation
  • Historical Buildout (24 - 36 Months)

  • Ongoing Bill Data Acquisition

    • Monthly with Deregulation Supply Purchase and Savings Invoicing

    • Quarterly data capture on all other accounts 

  • Log Current Rates and Contracts 

  • Automate Bill Alerts

    • Deviations

    • Contract Compliance

    • Meter Inaccuracies

    • Billing Irregularities

    • Benchmark Analytics

    • Regulatory Application

  • Investigate Errors and Equipment Issues 

  • Negotiate Refunds or Credits

  • Verify Recovery

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Managed Consumption
  • Identify and Quantify Inefficient Sites

  • Tag Low-Cost to No-Cost Changes for Quick Mitigation

  • Assist Customer with Prioritization of Projects Requiring Capital

  • Monitor Billing Monthly for Use Irregularities

  • Setup Monthly Email Reporting to Field Personnel  

  • Optional Add-On: Monitor and Verify Efficiency Project Savings (by quote)                                        

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