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Guarding Your Utility Bills Pays

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

It was September 25, 2019 and an ATA campus customer had just received a high electricity bill. The client’s accounts payable associate inquires with the utility about the bill but is told that everything looks fine. The bill is paid.

Fortunately for this client, ATA Inc has been hired as their outsourced energy managers. Part of that process is ensuring that bills are accurate and under the most optimal pricing. ATA's proprietary technology (armed with 29 years of rules and best practices) flags the bill and the declares the probable cause. A seasoned ATA analyst presents the algorithmic data and reporting that is generated by ATA's technology platform. Also, the lead analyst requests very pointed documentation, based on years of experience in addressing these situations.

A few days later, the utility representative called and confirmed that an error had been made. An adjustment of $11,043 would be issued. The actual message can be heard below with confidential portions edited out.

It is important to note that utilities are not made up of dishonest people. Mistakes can happen. There are many complexities involved with the utility technologies that produce billing. ATA is familiar with the technology issues that occur and is often able to guide the utility representatives down the right path in resolving the matter.

Moral of the Story: Whether it’s the client’s AP or facility personnel, they often do not have the training, technology or dedicated time to work through the plethora of billing issues that can arise on a monthly basis within a large organization.  The good news for our clients is that they don’t have to hire energy specialists or invest in costly technology and data gathering.  As their outsourced energy managers, ATA Inc operates on a no-risk, contingency basis to ensure that our clients’ bills are accurate and priced under the most optimal rates (whether regulated tariffs or de-regulating pricing).  For more information, contact

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