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Needles in the Haystack Add Up

This is an actual spreadsheet (albeit not pretty) that illustrates third party rate review and bill audit results for a large grocery chain with locations in the southeast market (where we specialize in rates consulting). Third party audits are becoming a best practice conducted by most cutting-edge corporate finance departments.

Monthly spend and savings as recommendations were implemented.

These results were accomplished despite the prior review efforts of a contracted fixed fee rate consulting firm and the client's internal energy management team performing a clean-sweep. In the end,$1.4 MM per year was achieved with no capital outlay.

Any confident and experienced energy manager will readily admit that they (and their team) cannot possibly keep up with the nuances of every utility market in their day. It's those needles in the haystack (loopholes, complexities, other customer precedents) that add up to real savings for large single or multi-site customers.

Alexander Tomas and Associates, Inc focuses in Georgia, Florida and Alabama, where we have performed in depth analytics for thousands of customer sites (large industrial, healthcare, commercial and retail). Email me at hashtag#healthcare hashtag#cfo hashtag#finance hashtag#controller hashtag#costcontrols hashtag#costsavings hashtag#innovation hashtag#energy

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