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Hosted Meter Data and Reports

UtilityTRX's White Label site adds tremendous value to partner's service or product offerings without the high costs and arduous effort involved with software development lifecycles.   UtilityTRX affords rapid-deployment at a fraction of the cost.  The White Label platform enables non-IT users to spend time creating differentiating reports, interfaces and algorithmic calculations. 


Another overlooked value-add in partnering with UtilityTRX is the benefit of starting with incredibly advanced analytical tools at your disposal and in the customer offering. These are tools that have taken years to develop and fine-tune.   

"UtilityTRX’s reporting tool allows us to differentiate our level of service as a strategic energy advisor.  They have been a true business partner, always providing fast and complete customer service."

 Scott MacDonald, Managing Director, Usource.

Bill Processing

Managed Services are beneficial where hiring a full-time staffer cannot be justified long-term or where specialization is needed. Hiring a specialist cannot be underestimated. Our staff and partners have worked with finance and energy managers to provide value-add services that saved their organizations considerable sums, while allowing them to focus on core functions.  

  • Bill Scan is an outsourced monthly bill review service that scrutinizes billing, identifies potential errors, documents issues with utilities and negotiates refunds with the service providers.  In addition, rates are evaluated to determine whether the customer might qualify for a more optimal price structure.    

  • Use Scan scrutinies consumption data from billing (using weather normalized values) to spot deviations in consumption, where operational issues might be present, so that client field personnel can be informed of the situation.  Additionally, proprietary algorithms expose areas that are using more than their fair share of consumption, so that use intervention can be employed.  Many of the fixes require little to no capital. 

  • Building Scan is utilized in conjunction with building management systems that are setup to forward time-based equipment data via email to UtilityTRX. Common discoveries include equipment that is  under-performing, failed, zone issues and software optimization opportunities. It is estimated that over 60% of building management systems are operating equipment inefficiently.